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New Face Development School of India is not for everyone. We have a faculty and the core team of veterans of the fashion industry who will carefully go through each application and then choose and recognize a talent who they would like to groom and develop. Selection is based on someone who really has potential to grow in the industry. We invite you to learn who we are , what we do and how we do and can work together to give your child an advantage in today’s highly competitive world, weather its for modelling , acting , diction or simply for life ! It is often a question mark for parents when their children want to opt modelling as a career or simply as a hobby .

We are here to answer all doubts , in ambitions about modelling or the industry that you may have. Nothing is unsafe or doddgy about the fashion industry. Anywhere and everywhere you need to have patience , pro-activeness , knowhow of the industry and your professionalism. Well guess what we are here to give all of this to your child. If you have any doubts and want to have a personal chat , you are always welcome , just pick up the phone and book an appointment with our team.

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