How to apply?

Ready to Get noticed then go to the Online audition section and start filling in the form , upload the pictures.

Do I need to send in more pictures?

Incase we need more picture we will contact you so do not forget to put in your contact details.

Is there a height requirement to apply ?

A minimum of 5’5” for girls and 5’10” for boys is required.

Do I need to upload professional modelling pictures ?

We do not need professionally clicked pictures. We are not looking for professional photos. What we want to see are natural snapshots that your friends and family can easily take from a smartphone.

When will I hear back from you ?

If we feel you are a right fit for us we be surely get in touch with you within 72 hours of your application. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from us , Remember you may not be the right height or age or maybe it isn’t the right time. Believe us things change quickly in this business so feel free to apply again in the future.

Can I apply If i have no experience of modelling ?

Yes off course ! Everyone starts somewhere and what we are looking for are beginners and new faces. So don’t be afraid to throw your hat in the ring !

Should I wear Make up and click pictures and send ?

No PLEASE ! We do not want your pictures in make up. We want to see you as natural as possible . Clean simple , hair tied in a low pony tail and make up free . No hats or sunglasses , no filters .

I am a professional model but I still feel a need of guidance can I apply for a course?

Ofcourse ! Even if you have professionally modelled , you haven’t had a chance to sit and talk and experience what a photographer or a make up artist or a stylist thinks about your performance at a shoot or on social media or or a marketing platform , in here you will ! So go for it !

I am under 18 Years can I still apply ?

Models abroad start modelling at a very young age starting from 14 ! Of course you can apply but with your parents consent. Make sure you send in your parents contact details while filling in the application form.

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Reach us to get a spot in our next batch starting August, 2019


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