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New faces Development School of India is a unique and one of a kind in India. With so many young boys and girls who do not know how and where to start from , who to talk to or where to begin , we under one roof will train and develop you to be a model ! In simple language we are a model school.

The Team of NFDSI have been in the fashion industry for over a decade now serving as agents of models and actors, many of them have been highly successful. The Jury includes a bunch of top names of the industry who have come together to train and develop potential talents. Together we will refine model presence and professional impact in preparation for agency placements for you.

What We Do?


We discover potential models


Harnessed the best teaching tools for tapping into raw modelling potential


Support growth and development


We Support you from the start and all the way up till until a successful placement

Are you Ready to get noticed ?

You do not need any professional pictures or previous experience to apply here. We are in search of the world’s next top model that we can groom , develop , train and place to the top agencies of the country. Its time to get introduced to the industry and maybe to the world.

We know well that most models aren’t born with natural confidence or flare, instead, most models have to work really hard at developing their commercial potential. We know firsthand that it takes time to turn talent into a credible portfolio, so we’re here to support growth and development.
We have harnessed the best teaching tools for tapping into raw modeling potential with meaningful mentoring.

While filling the application try to leave a great impression on someone who has never met you. Grab your parent or sibling or a best friend and get your picture clicked and upload it . If you have more questions go to the FAQ section down below.

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Reach us to get a spot in our next batch starting August, 2019


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